“How It Works”

Bikram_326The key to Bikram Yoga is undoubtedly the heat.  The heat promotes increased bloodflow, circulation, muscle elasticity and of course: SWEAT!  Practicing in the heated room allows the muscles to stretch more safely, with far less risk of injury than in a “cold” room.  When the muscles are stretching more easily, the joints of the body can improve their range of motion exponentially faster.  The goal of Bikram Yoga is to bring balance between strength and flexibility.  Some people are strong but inflexible…others are flexible but not strong.  Everyone is struggling in the room together to gain a balance between the two.  Trust me, this isn’t Cirque Du Soleil training.  All of the postures work within the normal range of motion for the human body.

When muscles are warmed-up, they are able to take on more oxygen from the blood being delivered to them.  In turn, muscles are able to burn fat easier than when they are cold.  The increased oxygenation also improves the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids and allows for the removal of bodily waste products (such as carbon dioxide, cholesterol and lactic acid) to take place efficiently.  The heat also promotes increased heart rate and metabolic rates, which help to irrigate the circulatory system of toxins,  flushing the digestive system and cleansing the largest organ in the body: your skin.

Bikram_999_9During class, we don’t have the “typical meditation” that most people associate with practicing yoga.  Almost immediately, you’ll notice that this isn’t your “typical yoga”.  The meditation comes from mental strength and determination.  Your mind is in a different place from one day to the next, and based on physical conditions, your body is changing too!  When you try it, you’ll see.  This type of meditation is something that can’t be taught.  It is a different experience for each and every individual that walks through our doors.  Although we practice 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises every class, you’ll see that no two Bikram Yoga classes are ever really the same. It’s no question that Bikram Yoga is a challenge to all of its practitioners.  Whether first-timers or long-time yogis, the class takes you outside of your comfort zone for 90 minutes.  It is a struggle to get your body to change, becoming stronger, leaner, healthier, more flexible.  But all your hard work and effort is worth it – you will quickly start to feel the benefits of Bikram Yoga.

Please see our “Postures & Benefits” page for more information on the individual postures and the associated benefits of each.